Margherita Chinchio


Makers Manual #43: ⁠Casting Tin Jewellery

Margherita Chinchio

Makers Manual is a collaborative project between exciting makers and STORE STORE. These downloadable manuals are a practical guide to making at home for beginners and experts.

⁠This manual aims to show you the fundamentals of working⁠ with melted metal. You will learn how to melt tin and to explore⁠ its endless possibilities while casting it into sand to make your⁠ own wearables. This technique is designed for those looking to⁠ approach metal in an easy, experimental and playful way. We’ll⁠ use tin as its extra low melting point allows us to work safely⁠ from home with a limited amount of tools. However, please note⁠
that some precaution measures need to be taken into account:⁠ 1. To prevent fume inhalation, be sure to work in a sufficiently⁠ ventilated environment. 2. Always keep your hair and any⁠ accessories or garments out of the way as they could set on fire.⁠ 3. Stay focussed – after all, you’re playing with fire!⁠

Margherita Chinchio is a multidisciplinary creative based in Milan. In her practice she loves exploring different matters and techniques and her production ranges from jewellery to objects and small set designs. Margherita’s work is united by a⁠ vivid and exuberant aesthetic, sharp shapes, a blend of different contaminations and bright colours.⁠

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