TV Dinner

Christopher Burman
Sophia Jones
Afra Van’t Land
Gabriel Warshafsky
Viktor Westerdahl

STORE’s fourth annual London Summer School invited students to explore architecture, art practice, urbanism and performance over two weeks in one of London’s most diverse and vital public spaces. For the second year running, Gillett Square was our site, our classroom and our workshop as we designed and constructed the architecture for an open air screening and evening meal: the TV Dinner.

Students were invited to critically examine what makes people feel “at home” in public spaces. We began by investigating patterns of ownership, influence and movement in the Square. Our observations and prototypes went on to inform the design and choreography of the “TV Dinner:” a one-night event where students’ documentation of the course were be screened alongside several channels of local artists’ films. This year’s uniquely challenging brief was broken down into a sequence of interactive, spatial and structural design problems.

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