Having grown up in West and East Africa, Afra moved to London in 2005, where she studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture. She has recently graduated with an MPhil in Architecture & Environmental Design from the University of Cambridge – where her thesis was nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal – and now works at Haverstock Associates. As an active participant, Afra has been involved in numerous research and design / building workshops in the UK, Germany, Kenya and Japan, and takesa keen interest in public space and participation in designing and making.

  • Alex Anderson

    Alex comes from the Caribbean and has recently completed her Masters of Architecture at the Bartlett, UCL. Working at the interface of architecture, craft and design of materials, Alex likes mixing a variety of digital and analogue technologies; Her current research tries to reconcile the virtual and the physical world in order to explore the potential of Virtual and Augmented reality in educational space. Her work and interest in education has resulted in collaborations with STORE where Alex has led a series of one-day VR workshops in public high-schools in London. She has also collaborated with The Bartlett School Of Architecture where she has taught on various Bartlett Summer School programmes.


    Having finished her undergraduate degree at the Bartlett, UCL, Ashley worked in Hong Kong designing social housing for a not-for-profit organisation, before moving back to work on further housing projects at a co-operative practice in London. At the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Ashley spent time researching the topic of ‘Urbanism and Societal Change’ while fabricating several large scale installations internationally. She returned to the Bartlett to complete her Masters in 2016, where she continued her work in fabrication, collaborating with fellow students to build the ‘Ghost Chapel’, in Galway. The project was exhibited at Galway International Arts Festival and will be part of Galway 2020. She has taught at Universities in Hong Kong and Liverpool and led a number of summer schools at The Bartlett. Having graduated in 2018, Ashley combines a research-based focus in how architecture can become part of the way we approach growing societal issues alongside investigations into fabrication techniques.

  • Attua Aparicio

    Attua Aparicio Torinos is a London based multidisciplinary artist working in the intersection of design, craft and art. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011 from MA Design Products. At the core of her practice lays a very experimental and prejudice free way of understanding and working with materials. She is interested in sustainability, material hybridization and tactility.

    Collaborations are a fundamental part of her practice. She co-founded Silo Studio with Oscar Lessing with whom she has been collaborating since 2011. She also collaborates regularly with her sister and artist Saelia Aparicio.


    Catherine Hamilton is a writer currently based in London, where she was born in 1991. She recently graduated from UCL with a BA in English Literature. She is the founder and director of Swimmers.


    Catrina is a cofounder and director of Office S&M, an architectural design studio based in London. She is an Associate Lecturer and Unit Master, together with Hugh McEwen, for Unit F at Oxford Brookes University. She has also taught at Brighton University and runs a Summer School Unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, as well as acting as a guest critic at Greenwich, Chelsea and ESA in Paris.


    Artist from London, working with installation, software and audio and interested in the politics of technology and digital production.

  • Eirik Helgesen

    Eirik Helgesen is a graduate of the Royal College of Art’s Design Products MA program. As a product designer & idea-maker, he is interested in the human and cultural aspects of design. The potential of engaging people through objects, visual logic, playfulness, and storytelling are key elements in his work. He also likes magic. The type that is invisible but essential in a good product or story. He has experience from several design-driven companies; latest as Co-founder of the furniture brand Ope. Previous design experience includes work for leading design agency Pentagram.


    Emma is an award winning set and costume designer working in London. Having started her career in architecture she uses her spatial and draughting skills to explore her fascination with 3D and 2D design and performance. Her work comprises many elements of design including fashion, illustration and sculptural installation. Emma has worked at the Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company as well as other leading venues. She has assisted designers in opera, theatre and film such as Tom Piper, David Fielding and Tom Cairns.



    Born in the UK in 1986, Freddy Tuppen is an artist working across sculpture, installation and architecture. Often presenting his work outside of the gallery context, he creates environments that explore the social and psychological aspects of interior space. In the last two years he has converted the basement of a London-based gallery into a nightclub that ran for one year, reconfigured a project space into a landscape reminiscent of a municipal park, and renovated part of a South London gym into a functioning jacuzzi room. He has been a tutor at The Bartlett School of Architecture since 2014.


    Frederik trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture. His PhD dissertation Realising Representation examines the role of drawing and photography in the conception of architecture. His research explores representational concepts and their impact on the construction of reality through a focus on the interplay of documentation and fabrication. Frederik’s artistic practice encompass photography, furniture and sculpture. As a founding editor of Entreentre [] he curates exhibitions, publishes interviews and pamphlets that showcase practitioners that explore representational practises in an experimental framework that bridges the gap between art and architecture.


    Gabriel is a practising architect with an enduring commitment to social spaces. After graduating with distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2012, he has continued to explore the boundaries of aesthetic taste and the limits of the body through animated drawings, casting and inflatables. Previous work for studios in Berlin and Toronto has ranged from exhibition architecture to racetracks. Currently, he is Director of Projects at Jan Kattein Architects, where he runs a range of urban regeneration schemes strongly rooted in public dialogue, and a teaching fellow at the Bartlett.


    Greg is a Structural Engineer exploring experimental geometries and design through making. He studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture and won the Academie Noilly Prat Prix de la Sculpture working alongside fellow Bartlett graduates, before focussing on his interests in structure and education. He taught Mathematics at the Petchey Academy, undertook a Masters in Civil Engineering at UCL, and currently works at Jane Wernick Associates in London.

  • James Green
  • James Shaw

    James Shaw is a designer and a maker exploring the material landscape in a hands on way. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Art’s Design Products programme and now runs a studio in London working on projects that interrogate the material, systemic and formal approaches to the creation of objects. Frequently his work considers the resources around us challenging the notion of ‘waste’ to create new beautiful materials. James has exhibited internationally including at The Design Museum, The V&A, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Boijmans van Beuningen Museum and MoMA. Past awards include being nominated for the Design Museum Designs of the Year Award and winning the Arc Chair Design Award. His work is in the permanent collections of MoMA, The Montreal Museum of Art and the Vitra Design Museum among others.

  • Jaspal Channa

    Jaspal is an architectural designer, photographer, and maker based in London. He studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where his research explored the potential role of spontaneity in the process of design and occupation of architecture. Stemming from an interest in Street Photography, human experience and inhabitation, his work is interested in intuitive acts of design, and how these might create more crafted, intuitive and process led architectures. Jaspal has an increasing interest in experimental craft, fabrication and drawing and explores this curiosity in personal projects. Jaspal has taught at the Bartlett School of Architecture and as part of Store, in Athens.


    Combining Architecture and Graphic Design backgrounds, John Philip Sage designs exhibitions, books and other visual outlets. John follows a research-based methodology rooted in critical Design, with a particular interest in education and academia. He has worked for the Tate, the V&A, Visual Editions, Mozilla Foundation and Meatspace Press and has taken part in several art residencies in Barcelona (Fabra i Coats) and Santiago de Chile (Balmaceda Arte Joven).

  • Joseph Augustin

    Joseph Augustin is an Architect and Environmental Designer. He is a founding member of Heat Island, a design practice exploring architecture, future city design and urban ecology. After specialising in Environmental Design at Cambridge University, Joseph has worked with a number of highly regarded practices operating internationally, and has experience on a wide range of projects; masterplanning a pioneering carbon neutral town in North Africa, working with a world leading robotics company to develop their headquarters in London and developing innovative solutions to passively cool environments in hot-arid climates. He co-tutors a design unit at the University of Nottingham and as part of Heat Island’s practice-led research, combines advances in building technology with an understanding of vernacular techniques and traditions in pursuit of a joyfully sustainable future.


    Born in Montreal, Kevin Green recently graduated from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art having previously studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Green has previously worked for La Machine while working collaboratively on international competitions including winning the Front Room Gallery sculpture competition in New York and the International Prix de la Sculpture for Noilly Prat, France. He has had numerous exhibitions across London.

  • Kevin Smeeing

    Kevin Smeeing (Netherlands, 1988) is a designer and creative director working with social interaction, conceptual design and spatial design. Initially trained as an industrial designer in the Netherlands, Smeeing received his Masters in Product Design from the Royal College of Art. His work mediates between products and space, working with a wide range of media and across different disciplines, enabling people to engage with ideas through experience. Smeeing is especially interested in the techno – social relations and scenarios in the urban environment, focussing on the human well-being and experience of space. Smeeing engaged in exhibitions, conferences, projects and residencies across the globe including the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea, Aalto on Waves in Brazil, and IDO in Hong Kong.


    Luke is Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the Architecture + Interior Design Foundation programme at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. He is an architect and a member of Heat Island, a design practice exploring architecture, future city design and urban ecology. Luke is the co-author, with Anna Mill, of Square Eyes, a graphic novel about augmented reality (Jonathan Cape, 2018). He is the co-host of *About Buildings + Cities,* a podcast exploring architectural history, theory, process and ideas from the distant past to the present day.

  • Matt Lucraft

    Matt is a freelance architectural designer, illustrator and animator based in London. Outside of his own projects and collaborations, Matt holds teaching positions at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Oxford Brookes University across the realms of building technology, computation and visual communication. Matt’s personal research explores future notions of community and domesticity and the potential for architecture to address societies under socio-economic and environmental hardship. As well as being a keen draughtsman, Matt has a growing interest in film-making, blending computer-generated animation with archival footage and hand-drawings.

  • Namuun Zimmermann

    Namuun Zimmermann is a London and Vienna based designer and is a Graduate from the MA Design Products at Royal College of Art. Her work focuses on creating methods to explore social, political and cultural issues. By using different formats such as educational workshops she creates new ways of understanding contemporary phenomena. Namuun has worked and exhibited internationally including Serpentine Gallery, Goethe Institute, V&A, Staatstheater Stuttgart and Konzerthaus Wien. In 2018 she has co founded the contemporary design Studio Sain with Martijn Rigters.



    Ned received his MArch in Architecture with distinction from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in 2012. His work has been internationally published and exhibited including at The Royal Academy, in the Architectural Review and on the cover of Blueprint magazine. Ned is also a tutor at the Bartlett and has been an invited critic at The Bartlett, Greenwich University and The Royal College of Arts.


    Nina is an architectural designer, researcher and curator. Her design work shares an interest in the semantics of image and material process which are mediated by narrative techniques that draw influences from art to post-modern literature. She was a member of Studio Weave, a visiting critic to Diploma studios at the University of Westminster and founder of Black Grout, an independent event-based magazine focused around the fringes of architecture. An award wining graduate from the Mackintosh School of Architecture and the University of Westminster, Nina has worked in Shanghai and London where she is now based.

  • Paula Strunden

    Paula studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Paris before graduating from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. With experience working for Archithese, Raumlabor and Herzog & de Meuron, Paula continuously explores the spectacular spatial potential within VR/AR and MR environments. Paula has led a series of immersive workshops, tutored at the Bartlett Summer School Programme and holds a teaching position at the Architectural Association.


    Born in London in 1986, Sophia graduated from The Bartlett, University College London in 2008, with a BSc in Architecture. She is currently studying an MA in Printmaking at Royal College of Art, London. Her main creative media include video and print work, painting, animation, performance and physical construction (from early building methods to sculpture made from found objects).

  • Stefania Tsigkouni

    Stef is an architect based in Athens. She studied at Sheffield University and at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL and has previously worked for the architectural collective raumlabor in Berlin and k-studio in Athens. Her personal research explores the relationship between fiction and reality and the use of magical realist narratives as a tool to explore spatial situations in societies of sociopolitical decay.

  • Stine Keinicke

    Stine received an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in 2015. Stine runs her own studio, Stine Keinicke design studio, in South London and has has designed for clients like Hay and Ikea.

  • Tessa Geuze

    Tessa Geuze is a Dutch designer and researcher currently based in London. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Design from Lund University. In her work she interrogates how we relate to the world surrounding us, challenging conventional ideas and beliefs by creating playful objects as translations of her research. In 2017 she was awarded with the Young Swedish Design Award (Ung Svensk Form) and has previously worked with IKEA and Droog.

  • Tessa Silva

    Tessa is a designer maker based in London and graduate from the MA Design Products course at the Royal College of Art. Her practice embodies a crafted, process-led approach to design that employs the use of innovative methods and techniques, applying them to materials to inform an outcome. Projects are born from an ongoing fascination in our material culture, throughout the past, present, and into the future. The work is often intended as a catalyst for discourse – shifting perceptions of the material world and stimulating the creative exploration of the weird and wonderful resources available.

  • Theo Tan

    Theo Tan is an architect and designer who works at a range of scales – from jewellery through to buildings. His work studies the usual methods of creating ‘things’ and proposes alternative, and often more playful, ways that the objects around us come into being. By the same token, he is interested in how we design these ‘things’. In both his own practice and in teaching, he questions the methods we use to think, draw and collaborate and encourages ways of working that have positive consequences on the made-world around us.


    Viktor graduated with distinction from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2013. He was awarded the Design Technology Prize in 2012 and his work has been published internationally, including in Dezeen and the Architectural Review. He has been an invited critic at Cambridge University and Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. He was given the opportunity to lecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, as well as teach a series of design workshops at Cambridge University. Currently based in London, Viktor has in the past worked for the prestigious architecture office Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland. He has also worked closely with the social enterprise Woodrite in Hong Kong to develop a range of furniture from reclaimed wood.

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