Daan Veerman


Makers Manual #52: ⁠Doodling Baubles

Daan Veerman

Makers Manual is a collaborative project between exciting makers and STORE STORE. These downloadable manuals are a practical guide to making at home for beginners and experts.

This manual offers a playful way to make your own baubles. It invites makers to invent their own techniques to then implement this in making unique decorations by using a 3D pen, some simple tools and ordinary objects. This manual pushes the maker to really think about and look at the plastic products that are part of daily life. It is not only about making something new, but also about becoming aware of the shapes, sizes and wonderful textures of the objects that surround us everyday.

Daan Veerman is a Dutch designer interested in (re)developing production techniques, turning them into crafts. Currently, he is working on a series of work called “Digital Craft” which explores the opportunities of 3D printing as a (re)developed craft. Within this series, Veerman copies archetypical mass-produced plastic items, such as crates, by using a 3D pen in a laborious process, placing crafts and industry production side by side.

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