Making Place

Frederik Petersen
Kevin Green
Ashley Hinchcliffe
Nyima Murry
Gabriel Warshafsky

The Jazdow community is an extraordinary network of intimate, informal green spaces in the heart of Warsaw, framed by a collection of cabins inhabited by a wide NGO’s and a handful of residents. Originally built to house architects and engineers during the city’s postwar reconstruction, these cabins and their gardens now support a wealth of publicly accessible cultural activity. Yet many Warsovians, and even those walking through the surrounding Ujazdowski Park, remain unaware of the vital and verdant landscape in their midst. Students of our Warsaw Summer School were challenged this year to use techniques of play to draw passers-by to linger, wander into the Jazdow and engage with its cultural programme. Working for the second consecutive summer with Otwarta Pracownia, an open access workspace in the Jazdow community, students designed and constructed their installation together over the course of two weeks.

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