Preservation Pavillion

Kevin Green
Klaudia Kepinska
Frederik Petersen
Ned Scott
James Shaw
Rain Wu

This year we teamed up with the Osiedle Jazdow community,to design and build a public pavilion which reflects our chosen themes of preservation and urban renewal and provide the vibrant local community with an exciting new civic-spirited asset of cultural value.The Osiedle Jazdow community is a dynamic local collective based in a colony of twenty-seven wooden huts which were builtin 1945 to provide temporary housing for those responsible for rebuilding the city. Having fulfilled their temporary purpose, the huts themselves have now become an integral part of the fabric ofWarsaw and a symbol of preservation and urban renewal. We drew on these themes as well as the social history and architectural vernacular of the colony to develop a brief for a new site-specific pavilion.

Over the course of the two weeks, the Warsaw Summer School acted as an extension of the Osiedle Jazdow community, sharing meals, attending lectures and learning from the knowledge and skills of members of the existing community to collaboratively design and build an exciting new addition to the historic Jazdow colony.

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