Euston London


Mixed Realities Euston

Marie Walker-Smith
Mary Konstantopoulou

Please join us on Sunday 27th June 12-4pm for a Mixed Realities journey through Euston.

Mixed Realities Euston is an exhibition exploring the underused and forgotten pockets of space within the city, using a combination of physical objects and augmented reality digital installations to envision alternative futures and invoke the rich histories of these spaces.There will be five interactive installations to explore and a chance to meet the group of young designers who have developed and produced the exhibition:

Mae Brownlie, David Campoverde, Elodie Curtis, Zoe Fontana, Tyanne Etele Hudson, Merve Kanidagli, Asli Kurt, Anisa Maharjan, Nastasia Milosev, Odin Noorani, Mufsy Rahman, Aidai Seidahmatova, Yusuf Uddin.

This course was commissioned by HS2 as part of the Euston Creates Programme. The project was delivered by Marie Walker-Smith and Mary Konstantopoulou on behalf of STORE in collaboration with Rochester Square. Thank you to KIOSK for supporting the project.

For more information about the event and to receive a digital map of the installations please contact us at


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