Architectures of Science Fiction Reading Group – Home

This was an After School Reading Group in June 2021 guided by architect and researcher Amy Butt, and science fiction experts Sing Yun Lee, Katie Stone, Avery Delany and Rachel Hill. The students explored the architecture of science fiction, investigating how the imagined spaces of parallel universes, alternate histories and possible futures reflect and influence the design of ‘real’ built space. This involved watching short films and reading key texts, drawing and making, to consider what science-fiction can teach us about design.

A series of four publications were produced at the end of the course: Home, Street, City and World.

Before construction all architectural projects are works of science fiction – speculative proposals for an imagined future. The booklets in this series use science fiction to explore architectural design through imaginative construction to reflect on urban design and engage with our futures currently under construction.

Students: Hani Ali, Iris Watson, Jallen Chen, Lena Lali, Lena Westerburg Burr, Merle Nunneley, Ryan Long and Sasha Haxell
These sessions were led by: Amy Butt, Avery Delany Katie Stone, Sing Yun Lee and Rachel Hill

Cover Artwork: Dennis Karolev

Text & Graphic design: Joanna Vaughan

Image Credit: Sinjin Li

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