Harris Academy Westminster


Concrete Seating

Kevin Green
Sophia Jones

“Terrazzo is a composite material originally invented by Venetian construction workers as a low-cost flooring material, using marble chips from demolished buildings. The finished terrazzo surface exposes the marble chips and other fine aggregates, offering a striking surface of speckled shapes and colours.”

In this workshop, students design and cast their own terrazzo seating for their art department, introducing them to the material’s history and its benefits as a partially recycled product. The students are challenged to navigate through the design process, from conception to realisation, with guidance from tutors in problem-solving techniques and instruction in various making skills.

Four groups of students each choose a site in the art department to situate their design in. They begin by analysing their site, including light conditions, circulation and function. They are then given an introduction to relevant examples of site-specific architecture and design for inspiration.

Students begin by making mock-up designs on paper and 1:1 card models, before beginning the mould making process, which will hold the concrete.

By the end of the day, each group has made their mould and cast their concrete form, leaving it to cure for a week.

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