Oak Heights Independent School



Ashley Hinchcliff
Frederik Petersen

Participants were introduced to the concept of illumination through a series of Renaissance paintings. They were engaged in conversation concerning the meaning and purpose of illumination with respect to their daily routines and physical surroundings. Through drawing and verbal discussion, they explored how light can be used to tell new stories and construct atmospheres in relation to the body, as well as familiar spaces and situations.

Working in pairs, participants constructed a lamp of their own design using aluminium tubing connected by thermoplastic joints. Each pair learned how to measure and cut metal, and form joints by heating and sculpting thermoplastic, creating a stand for the lamp or inventing a way to attach the lamp to their own body. To finish their lamps, participants developed their own lampshade in a process requiring them to apply their knowledge of geometry and drawing, cutting, folding and assemblage.

Participants immersed themselves in the complete design process from concept to sketch to fabrication and lastly documentation. To conclude their work, participants demonstrated the function of their lamps during a photoshoot. They were asked to think back to the paintings shown at the beginning of the day and consider how the lamp illuminates and casts shadows to create a chiaroscuro effect which dramatically alters the atmosphere and space in which they posed.


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