Valdís Steinarsdóttir


Makers Manual #20: Just Bones

Makers Manual is a collaborative project between exciting makers and STORE STORE. These downloadable manuals are a practical guide to making at home for beginners and experts.


Just Bones is a project to develop a natural composite material by utilizing the different material qualities of bones. The project reflects on society ́s meat consumption and the question of waste surrounding it. Today, a large proportion of animal carcasses are disposed of after slaughtering, including valuable materials like bones which are considered as waste material. The project is an example of how various opportunities are hidden in our immediate environment. By exploring familiar materials through a new lens, new opportunities for utilization can be found. For this manual we are going to use the leftover chicken bones from a chicken broth.


Valdís Steinarsdóttir is an Independant Icelandic designer specializing in product design. As a product designer she mainly fo- cuses on material experiments with recycled organic matter. Through her projects, she hopes to bring societal change and create a platform for discussion and debate about how we live.


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