Black Girl Knit Club


Makers Manual #22: Knitted T-shirt Bag

This manual provides step-by step instructions on how to create your own knitted bag from recycling a cotton T- shirt into jersey yarn. This is a very simple technique where you cut the top of your T shirt and fold it together to create a continuous piece of yarn to knit with. This is a great sustainable solution which introduces the idea of recycling old clothes to create something new.
You will learn a simple knit technique called the garter stitch, which involves knitting every row on your knitting needles to create your bag pattern.

Black Girl Knit Club (BGKC) is a knitwear collective based in East London started by friends Sicgmone & Vea. Created in January 2019 following the recent social media hashtag #diversknitty, where knitwear designers and makers were calling for more diversity within the craft community. They host monthly knit workshops, talks and provide learning content for their online community of knitters.

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