Thor Ter Kulve


Makers Manual #23: Rokkaku Kite

This is a guide for making a paper Rokkaku kite with materials you can find around the home or in the supermarket. Making and flying kites is an activity practiced by many around the globe for millennia and this is your chance to join that club.

Feel free to play with the materials and dimensions set out in this guide, there are no strict rules of kite making. A very large part of flying a kite is about exploring your direct environment and identifying a location suitable for flying your kite. You will learn how the kite responds to the wind, explore how a longer tail might make it more stable or how a smaller frame might work better in strong winds. Make, explore, enjoy, repeat.

Thor Ter Kulve is a Dutch designer based in London, where he run Studio Thor. His work re-defines public space, inventing products that enable natural or civic typologies to be transformed into tools, furniture, and solutions. Through interventions, he tries to enable everyone to re-think the rules of civic environments. His approach to design is practical and hands-on, which led him to become a skilled maker. Thor runs workshops and teaches at institutions in the UK and abroad.

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