Britt Jonsson⁠


Makers Manual #29: Grocery Ink

Makers Manual is a collaborative project between exciting makers and STORE STORE. These downloadable manuals are a practical guide to making at home for beginners and experts.

This is an introduction to creating natural inks made out of fruits and vegetables found at your local market or grocery store. With this manual I hope to help you to start exploring the many different colours you can find in your everyday surroundings. With these basics you will be able to create inks from almost anything, rusty nails, acorns, grass, charcoal, and walnuts. Let your imagination run wild! With the finished inks you can stain wood or make a painting. Be aware it’s living ink and can change or fade over time.

Britt Jönsson is a Malmö-based designer working within the fields of product design and art. Through sensory- and emotional design she seeks to investigate social structures and emotional bonds to our everyday objects. The driving force with her design is to create a deeper sensory resonance between human and object.

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