NSEPS Christmas Baubles

Attua Aparicio

Get ready for the Christmas season in the NSEPS Baubles workshop with Attua Aparicio from Silo Studio. You will explore and experiment with using EPS, an industrial material normally used for packaging and insulation. You will learn how to make ‘Not So Expanded Polystyrene’ using Silo Studio’s innovative moulding process. You will use a sewing machine to create your textile moulds and choose a combination of different EPS granules to make your piece. Following this, your mould will be steamed to form a long-lasting object that will be only revealed after removing the textile mould.

Silo Studio is the collaboration of Attua Aparicio and Oscar Lessing. Silo’s work is a mix of craft and technology, which aims to find new ways of making by adopting a hands-on approach. By keeping their developments open and sharing it in videos and workshops they seek to inspire people to question how things are made and to make more for themselves.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 10 participants on a first come, first served basis. Attendance at the workshop costs £40 (£30 students) with all proceeds supporting our After School Club for local state school students.

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