Zoe Powell

Enter Materiom’s material kitchen during the online Bioplastic Workshop with Zoe Powell from Materiom. You will be introduced to the opportunities of biomaterials and the vision of Materiom through its online materials library. We’ll go through a diverse collection of abundant natural ingredients, bio-plastics and -composites. Participants will have the opportunity to follow a demo by Zoë Powell using a Materiom material recipe and create a biomaterial test at home.

All you will need for the workshop:

• Device with webcam and Zoom
• Agar or Gelatin
• Glycerol / glycerine (if you can find)
• Turmeric
• Food waste (washed & dried)
• Stove
• Saucepan
• Spoon or stirrer
• Water
• Measuring jug
• Balance
• Measuring spoon

Zoë Powell is a materials researcher and designer who focuses on regenerative materials and processes in collaboration with communities. She draws on over a decade of experience that has led her to explore a multitude of biomaterial, digital and craft fabrication techniques. Zoë is also Materiom’s head of Outreach & Education for Europe. Since joining Materiom, she has taken part in regional research projects and teaches at various educational institutions.

Materiom is a research platform dedicated to the experimentation and development of open source biomaterial recipes made using locally abundant ingredients and life-friendly chemistry.

The online workshop is open to a maximum of 12 participants (age 16+) on a first come, first served basis. Attendance at the workshop costs £15 with all proceeds supporting our After School Club for local state school students.

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