Tessa Layzelle

In this workshop Tessa Layzelle will show you four basic and beautiful traditional hand-quilting techniques from around the world. In the first part, you will work step by step to produce your own booklet of samples: an introduction to kantha (Bangladeshi), boro (Japanese), wholecloth (English) and tie quilting. In the second part, using these techniques, Tessa will guide you through designing and starting your own mini quilt to complete at home. Fabrics provided from Tessa’s hand-dyed collection.

Tessa Layzelle is an artist based in North Yorkshire, she has worked as a DT technician for several years and is passionate about protecting textiles as a subject in schools. Tessa runs her own practice where her current focus is creating sustainable, usable artworks for the home by combining her self-taught traditional quilting methods with her training in fine art. Tessa has designed for projects at Nottingham Contemporary, Hackney Draper, Pantoufle and Misha&Puff maintaining a varied and considered output since 2012.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 10 participants (age 12+) on a first come, first served basis. Attendance at the workshop costs £40 (£30 students) with all proceeds supporting our After School Club for local state school students.

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