Squeezy City

Alys Hargreaves
Millie Green
Edie Parfitt

This year’s Summer School ‘Squeezy City’ was run by Cella Collective. Over two weeks, students experimented with digital and analogue extrusion techniques, and developed architectural components made with natural and locally sourced materials.

From food to fired clay, bread and bricks, students collaboratively designed and built a series of architectural fragments inspired by the local area. The students designed and built a churros stand to display their work as part of an exhibition in Kings Cross at the beginning of September. The outcomes of the Summer School contributed to a growing material library for the future STORE STORE Build and the Graduate Feast.

Thank you to Rochester Square and The Story Garden for hosting us

And to HG Matthews for inviting the students to see how they make bricks

Thank you to all of the invited workshop hosts: Sarah Fraser, Freya Bolton Theo Tan, Daniel Pope.

Supported by Argent and The Young Camden Foundation



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