STORE STORE x Barbican: Embroidery

Richard McVetis


During the online Embroidery Workshop you will explore a combination of traditional hand embroidery techniques together with Richard McVetis. You will explore the slowness and rhythms of hand stitching; the versatility and strengths of embroidery for drawing and mark-making; and the pleasure in having time to make. We will focus on the following stitches: straight / running / seeding / couching / whipped +laced / back /fly / chain / blanket. Richard will be demonstrating simple hand embroidery techniques, no knowledge of embroidery techniques are needed.

All you will need for the workshop:

– Device with webcam and Zoom
– Fabric to stitch on – wool, cottons, linens nothing too tightly woven
– Scissors
– Sewing needles
– A range of sewing threads (doesn’t need to be hand embroidery specific)
– An embroidery hoop (#homehack if you don’t have a hoop take a small wooden picture frame, take out the glass and pin the fabric to the back)

15 participant / age 15+

Finalist of the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize, Richard McVetis is one of the leading contemporary hand embroidery artists in the UK today. His minimalist work is an endless exploration, not just of form but of the reclamation and potential of process and repetition within stitch. Richard’s artwork has been celebrated in galleries, art fairs and museums across the world including Iceland, Ukraine, Pakistan, South Korea, UAE and the USA. Richard, is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, he lives and works in London.

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