STORE STORE x Barbican: Mending

Celia Pym


This online mending workshop explores textile repair on knitted and wool textiles guided by artist Celia Pym. It considers the tenderness and care of mending. The aim of the workshop is to practice mending techniques on knitwear. You will learn about artists working with repair. You will learn and develop skills in woven and fake ‘knitted’ darning. This is an opportunity to work on repairing any sweaters and socks and wool accessories, that you own and that have holes. No previous darning, knitting, needle based experience is necessary.

All you will need for the workshop:

– Device with webcam and Zoom
– Sweater or socks with holes in, moths holes or wear and tear holes, any and all holes are welcome holes
– Or sweater or socks with no holes in but you are happy to practice on
– Wool, heavy or light weight
– Darning or sewing needles
– Darning mushroom or egg, if you don’t have these a smart phone or piece of fruit like a lemon are good
– Scissors
– Pencil and paper, for taking notes or making drawings

15 participant / age 16+ 

Celia Pym is an artist living and working in London most recently her work has been included in exhibitions Woman’s Hour Craft Prize, V&A Museum and Loewe Craft Prize, COAM, Madrid and 21_21, Tokyo. Celia Pym has been exploring mending since 2007 with extensive experience of small everyday holes, at heels, elbows, in pockets as well as working on more dramatic damage, from water damage, animal nesting and moth issues. Celia’s interests are around the evidence of damage – through repair you look closely at where garments and cloth have got worn down and thin. In clothing this wearing is often to do with use and how the body moves. Celia says “she likes that darning is often small acts of care and paying attention to where things fray and wear out.”

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