STORE STORE x Barbican: Quilting

Tessa Layzelle


In this two hour workshop we will explore ways of recycling fabrics found around the home into experimental quilted textiles inspired by the Japanese ‘Boro’ technique. Tessa Layzelle will guide you through the basics of hand quilting, sharing techniques she has developed in her contemporary, painterly approach to this traditional skill. You will make a small, experimental wall hanging, equipping you with ideas, skills and confidence to tackle larger projects. No previous quilting experience is necessary.

All you will need for the workshop:

– Device with webcam and Zoom
– Darner needle (long sharp needle, strong enough to comfortably go through three layers of fabric, larger eye for thicker thread)
– Regular household sewing needle
– A handful of pins
– Fabric scissors
– Household sewing thread
– Thicker cotton thread for quilting (you can use crochet cotton size 8/10, embroidery thread will also work well. For much finer quilting stitches, choose a strong quilters cotton)
– A pre-washed, ironed and cut piece of fabric around 60cm x 45cm this will be your ‘BACK’ piece.
– Another pre-cut piece of fabric around 5cm smaller both sides (any of the ‘do use’ fabrics* listed below are fine for a thinner final cloth)- you may have an old blanket, mattress liner or even duvet-this will give you a squishier final piece. This is your ‘INNER’ piece.
– An assortment of pre-washed and ironed fabrics* pieces of around 10cm square or larger. Try to collect a range if you can, patterned, textured will all work. These will become your ‘QUILT TOP’

* DO USE: sheets, pillow cases, duvet cover, woven fabrics from garments- eg shirts, skirts, dresses…
* AVOID: stretch fabrics eg- tshirts, baby grows, leggings etc. Very heavy denim, curtain/upholstery fabric. Fabric that frays very easily.

15 participant / age 14+

Tessa Layzelle is an artist based in North Yorkshire, she has worked as a DT technician for several years and is passionate about protecting textiles as a subject in schools. Tessa runs her own practice where her current focus is creating sustainable, usable artworks for the home by combining her self-taught traditional quilting methods with her training in fine art. Tessa has designed for projects at Nottingham Contemporary, Hackney Draper, Pantoufle and Misha&Puff maintaining a varied and considered output since 2012.

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