Sugar Shapes

Marco Campardo
Lorenzo Mason

This workshop led by Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason, founders of the design studio M-L-XL, consists in the realisation of a series of edible and temporary objects, ‘amorphous’ solids, obtained through the solidification (without crystallisation) of a liquid. From the creation of an elastic latex mould to the fusion of glass-like material, participants will have the chance to develop a series of relatively fragile yet flexible objects to life.

M–L–XL (Medium, Large, Extralarge) is a design studio that works across different disciplines, including furniture design, installations, graphic design, type design and publishing. The studio, with offices in Venice and London, was founded by Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason, and focuses on research, experimenting with languages, techniques and materials.In recent years, Marco and Lorenzo have given life to several acclaimed projects, including the Breakfast Pavilion (2017), an exhibition curated at the Venice Art Biennale, appreciated by the international press specializing in the design and art; “Heavy Formal Exercise” installation (2017) in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern; as well as participated in and shaped numerous international exhibitions, such as The House Electric (2018) during the Venice Architecture Biennale, Plastic Scene (2018), Ready Made Go 4 at Ace Hotel London (2018) and Trans–Form at Mint Shop.

This workshop is open to a maximum of 10 participants (age 18+). Attendance at the workshop costs £40 (£30 students) with all proceeds supporting our After School Club for local state school students.

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