The Bartlett School of Architecture London



Walking The City Summer School: Designing Open Trainers

Stine Keinicke
Charlotte Hogben
Nike - Nikki Danby
Sofia Strunden
Elliot Nash

During Walking the City Summer School you will explore the world of footwear design and construction, taking inspiration from a journey navigating the city.

You will be introduced to how trainers are made, what materials are used, where they are produced, and their history. Through hands-on exploration and practice, you will take your design from 2D to 3D and make your very own pair of open trainers, created for the urban explorer.

This course will introduce you to a wide range of 3D, footwear design and architectural ideas including processes like silicon casting, 2D pattern cutting and mould making, which you can expect to find on an undergraduate course at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

This is a free opportunity for 15 state school students (ages 15-18).

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