Headington School



Kevin Green
Viktor Westerdahl

Signposts serve to organise the understanding of urban landscapes, but in doing so the signs in themselves become incidental objects of public art. Headington School’s dense campus provides a great opportunity to explore this dual quality of the sign. By taking the student’s own experiences of the school grounds as a starting point, the students in this workshop will design a new object for way-finding to be placed outside the Art Department.

The workshop explores way-finding systems through concrete casting and teaches the students mould-making construction and preparation, as well as the pouring and reinforcement of cast objects.

The final sculpture of the workshop explores two spaces; the theatre and the trim trail behind the sports fields. One, a very public space, the other, a secretive space, known only to the students.  These two way-finding designs sit side by side structurally supporting each other in the courtyard space outside of the art department.

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